To release and equip Men and Women of God from guilt and condemnation to do the work that God has called them into. Preaching the Gospel, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons. Mark 16:15-18

To teach the people how to live in the Spirit; how to operate in the gifts that God has bestowed upon them. Get people to recognize their calling and motivate them to begin ministry.

To counsel as to how to begin effective ministry. Teach what the church is and what is not. To give people an idea where the church is, and what they can do to begin restoring the church in love.

Present God in clear and accurate terms to set people from from wrong and misleading concepts and mindsets pertaining to their Creator.

Demonstrate and teach an accurate relationship between God and man and a proper perspective of one's self.

To insure that that the name of the Lord is Exalted in all the earth. To be a place where there is acceptance and recognition of all God's governmental offices of the Apostle, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers. To be a church, that strongly declares that the earth must be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

To be a place where families are built. Where Men are encouraged to function in their true Spiritual leadership. Women are caused to enter fully into their Spiritual heritage. And are raised up as mighty Women of God. Children are trained in the way of the Lord and find a place to be released to successive generations.

To be a house of hope, deliverance and restoration, where saints are encouraged to function in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To establish the Biblical pattern for the church leadership. To assist the saints in understanding and fulfilling their God ordained destiny.

To be a church that promotes kingdom lifestyles, a way of life that elevates righteousness, purity, holiness, integrity and a uncompromising postion in the Word of God. To be a training center where saints are raised up to establish God's kingdom in the earth, to be a House of Prayer, to bring to pass everything that God has ordained for His Church and people.

To be a ministry that will promote and totally support every move that the Lord makes in bringing His body to full function and unity in the earth.

The Vision of Christ Cathedral Apostolic is to be a "soul winning and progressive" church that programs to equip its disciples with sincere passion and message of deliverance to WIN for Christ. Our AIM is to promote multiple programs and ministries that will bring assistance and healing to personal lives, the family structure and in relationships. We seek to impact our area of ministry through authentic and spiritually attractive worship, recreation, music and a missions thrust both at home and abroad, and through providing a needed social action role for our own community when the need and God's endorsement is clear. Out TARGET is to minister to the "Total Man" who bears the concerns of their children, parents and grandparents. The ministry towards the strengthening of those will as a result strenthen our church and be a blessing to society while the Kingdom progressively expands.

Our Affirmation of Faith
We believe there is one God, whose nature is love; revealed in one Lord Jesus Christ, by one Holy Spirit of Grace. 

We believe that authenticity, genuiness, and inspiration of the Holy scriptures; that both the Old and New Testaments contain the revealed will of God and that the Bible is the Supreme written authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. He came in the flesh, suffered and died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day according to the Holy Scriptures.

We believe that true Holiness and happiness are inseparably connected and that all believers should do that which is right and acceptable to God, and strive to maintain order and practice good works.

We believe in the Holy Spirit as the Divine presence in our lives, whereby we are kept in perpectual remembrance of the truth of Christ, and find strength in the time of need.

We believe that this faith should manifest itself in the service of love as set forth in the example of our Blessed Lord, to the end that the Kingdom of God may come upon the earth.

We believe that there is one Mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, in whom dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead body, who by giving Himself ransom for all, hath redeemed them to God by His blood; and who by the merit of His death and the efficacy of His spirit will finally restore the entire human race to happiness.

We believe in the forgiveness of sins, in the life of love and prayer and in Grace equal to every need.

We believe in the final triumph of righteousness and in life everlasting AMEN.

We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, the maker of Heaven and earth. We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ the only Son of God. We believe that through Him all things were made. For us and our salvation He came down from Heaven by the Power of the Holy Ghost He became incarnate from the Virgin Mary and was made man. For our own sake He suffered and was crucified under Pontius Pilate He suffered death and was buried, He descended into hell, on the third day in  accordance with the Holy Scriptures; He ascended into Heaven and is seated on the right hand of the Father Almighty. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead. We believe in the Holy Ghost, the House of God in Christ Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sin and the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. AMEN